Heart Meditation: A timeless remedy

Did you know that mysticism (or heart meditation) is no more an non-scientific niche? Yes, so called ‘spirituality’ has found its roots in modern science.

In ancient times, poets, mystics, painters and dancers have spoken highly of ‘heart’ as a center of love and a door to divine. Now the same is backed by modern science. Institute of HeartMath, USA is a pioneer in heart research and heart meditation since last 4 decades.

Our heart is a place of healing, relaxation and let to. It is the thread that binds the entire universe. It our Tao & Zen. From 3D perspective, its small, only a pumping station. However, modern science and ancient spirituality speaks of it as a contact point of universal intelligence and energies

Heart is a point where all energies meet and merge with each other and make life go on smoothly, perfectly. It knows no chaos and suffering. Its nature is total contentment of the moment, whatsoever. And of course freedom from addictions, aversions, desperation, fear and depression.

We suffer because mind and fear have taken over the heart. There is little left of heart itself in us. Most of our consciousness is grimed and polluted with thoughts of past and future. The goal of heart mediation is to unlock the essential consciousness of the heart and help you be the freedom and glory that you are in your true nature.

In Heart meditation we will learn how to establish a right focus on heart to feed it and let its loving consciousness spontaneously manifest in your behavior and life.

How to practice heart meditation?

Close your eyes. Relax your body. Make sure, there is no major tension or discomfort in any part of your body. Now imagine that your breathing is flowing in and out of your heart. Slow and deep breathing through your heart. Inhale slowly in heart. Hold for 4-5 seconds. Exhale slowly through heart. Hold for 4-5 seconds. Again in hale and exhale. Recharge your heart in this way for 3-4 minutes until you feel centered.

When you feel calm and centered, bring your focus on heart area and/or sensation/beat/pulsation of the heart. Or any sign that makes you feel the presence of your heart and its constant pumping. Once you catch hold of heart’s presence, just observe it. Stay connected with this presence.

If you can’t find any sensation/beat, no worries. Just focusing on heart area (where gents have pocket in the shirt) will do. Some persons can easily feel heart beat when they touch their palm on heart area, they can feel the beat on their palm.

As you start this practice, It is OK for your mind to divert to different other things. Don’t worry. Don’t blame yourself. As you soon you realize you are out of the heart, come back to it by shifting your attention to heart area or sensations in heart area. Bring more and more focus on this. Let all your mental, emotional and physical energies converge in this area, in heart. Let it get recharged and energized.

Slowly this will begin to re-ignite your heart’s intelligence which has been dormant for decades. Practice this 10-15 minutes twice a day. Soon you will see it glimpses of your heart coming into fruition; glimpse of heart’s natural power unlocked i-e total acceptance, peace, present moment, spontaneous mindfulness and unconditional love. These glimpse will guide further on your journey.

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  1. I took about 3 sessions of meditation with Preet and he has done exactly what is explained above. Now, I really feel light, relax, confident and can feel the positive vibes that I really needed expediently.

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