How to drink life force energy from universe for long term fulfillment

Did you know that your mental, emotional state is defined by level of Prana or life force energy in your system?
Stress, agony, anger are symptoms of lack of prana while joy, contentment, relaxation reflect high level of prana.

Let’s experiment it this way: Next time when you have any pressing negative thought in your mind, take note of it. Now after a deep sleep in morning, try to recollect the same thought and see how your mind reacts to it. There is every possibility that you are least or not affected by it now. Why? What deep sleep has done to you?

Well, our brain has different waves called alpha, beta, gamma, theta and delta which can be easily measured using EEG machine in neuro lab. In awakened time, most of us function from beta waves in brain which is not actually healthy. In beta waves, we are not in sync with earth energy. It causes wear and tear in our physical and energy body.

Just before slipping into sleep or immediately after waking up in the morning, our brain is in alpha state which is considered as state of relaxation and meditation. Alpha state frequency is 7.5–12.5 Hz which is similar to the natural frequency of earth.

Between beta and alpha during sleep, brain goes through theta, delta and gamma waves as well which are even deeper and more relaxing than alpha.

Science says there are two hours in morning around 4.00 am to 6.00 am (varies from person to person) when we are in deepest brain waves and in this state, brain sucks tremendous life force or prana from surroundings. Hence, so much freshness, vitality in morning. Everything looks new after coming from deep sleep. This heals and rejuvenates our mind and body and keep it up to work through out the day until it is exhausted in evening.

You can't be in stress or tension while your brain
is in alpha, theta or delta waves.

Unfortunately, our mindset and lifestyle reinforces beta waves in brain. Hence, stress is epidemic.

Fortunately, there are simple meditation techniques that can help you absorb cosmic or life energy or prana from surrounding any time of the day, any where, consciously. This shifts your brain waves to more deeper, relaxing level instantly.


healing energy of universe to fulfillment, peace and abundance

How to absorb or drink life force energy from universe to experience long term fulfillment and happiness?

Step 1. You can either keep eyes closed or opened. I personally keep them open during this process. You take your call.

Step 2. Look at things and people around you with little mindfulness. Don’t look at them with old labels and judgement. For example, look at your wooden door as if you know nothing about it. Thus, you will tune in with its stillness. Don’t worry if it looks hard.

Step 3. Open your inner being to receive energy from surroundings including the wooden door. Instead of being like a dense body, know there are pores in your body or create the same in your consciousness. Just like wind passes through the foliage of tree. Let the energy from surrounding objects like door and wind pass through you and recharge you. You can do this with trees, earth, sun, moon, bedroom objects, wind, people, walls, or anything. Everything has life energy in it. Just that we miss it because our consciousness is hijacked by deluded thoughts.

Step 4. As a river flows into ocean, let the surrounding energies to flow in you. Become the center. From every corner and direction, you are basking in life energy. It is preferred to do it near trees in the beginning if you have them around you. Once you get the neck of this process then all places are fine.

There is a connection between you and all else. Let the exchange of energy go on as long as it could.

You are likely to feel relaxed, more present, meditative in 10-15 minutes.

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