MN Framework: A user friendly method to discover your unique potential and where to engage them in order to thrive

Down the ages, psychoanalysts and philosophers have had a curiosity to find out the root cause of a person’s behavior and inclination towards something specific. For instance, some are naturally more inclined and good at sports than others, some are good at mathematics, while others are good in entrepreneurship. In this way, other areas in life include music, dance, language (learning new languages easily and have a vast vocabulary), marketing skills, politics, spirituality, personal development, environmentalism, healing, law enforcement, and just to name a few.

This curiosity has given births to several psychometric techniques, personality tests, and philosophies to discover one’s unique potential and how to best engage them in life in order to be more productive, effective, happy and also to make money by doing what one loves to do. Most of these techniques come from western science, yet they lack the very spirit of the purpose. Either they were more complicated or monotonous, unidimensional, superficial. Most of them looked at a human being as only a physical being with a brain and conditioning. The very word ‘psychometric‘ reveals that it is an analysis of one’s mere psychology, overlooking other aspects that a human beings is unequivocal culmination of. In truth, there is more than what eyes can see!

MN Framework, a first of its kind, is a Human Alignment Tool that approaches a person as a by product of mind, body, heart and soul. It is a holistic approach, a blend of powerful western science and ancient eastern wisdom, to help discover one’s unique potential.

What is MN Framework?

MN Framework also known as MNTEST or Multiple Natures Test is holistic approach founded by American educator Steven Rudolph who spent 21 years in Faridabad (Delhi-NCR), India to understand the links and qualities that west has been missing since its pinnacle in virtually all areas of life. He realized that the west has indeed advanced fast in science and technology, it missed some fundamental values and trait that are built-in humanity. Without understanding and applying these traits, a human being’s ultimate goal of fulfillment will remain in vain.

MNTEST is simple, practical, easy to do tool that helps you discover your unique qualities/traits and where to best engage them in your life in order to be more productive, effective and obviously to make money by doing what you love to do.

MNTEST discovers two sets of qualities in you. The 10 MIs (Multiple Intelligence) and the 9 MNs (Multiple Nature) as mentioned in the below given chart.

The word MI (Multiple Intelligence) is coined by American psychologist Howard Gardener who observed that the idea of IQ to determine one’s intelligence is very limited, and unidimensional. He rather suggested that there are many ways to be smart.

MI (Multiple Intelligence) is a skill, a capacity. In other words, what you are smart at. While MN (Multiple Nature), derived from Sanskrit word saubhav, is your unique inclination towards something. When we function our life from ‘what I am smart at (your unique intelligence or MIs) and what I am inclined towards (your Multiple Natures or MNs)’ it gives us a great sense of creativity and happiness; what mystics have called ‘a state of flow’.

What makes The MN Framework different from other psychometric models?

MN Framework looks deep into the heart and soul of a person rather than just their brain and body. It suggests that in someway we can understand the origin of different behavior and can link it to childhood conditioning, parenting, genetics, or collective unconsciousness, yet in many cases we can’t track back the origin as human being is a complex machinery with a soul in it. Its a miniature universe in itself and hence beyond the comprehension of human understanding. The MN Framework adapts this insight, and suggest that the mystery can not always be decoded. It can however be utilized for personal welfare.

How to take The MNTEST?

The MNTEST is conducted by certified MN Practitioners. It is divided into 4 parts. Part 1 and part 2 are online with a serious of contemplative questions and take about 15-20 minutes. Part 3 is Live Assessment in which MN practitioner makes a guided contract with the participant and with a series of self-reflective questions, helps him/her discover their unique strengths (Multiple Intelligences and Multiple Natures) with highest accuracy. Part 4 is Personal Explanation where the practitioner will reveal to you the academic studies (for students), hobbies/leisure activities, tasks and careers that best suit you based on your scores in first three parts.

How my life will be changed after doing the MNTest?

After discovering your unique qualities and knowing where to best engage them in your life, it gives most people a clarity of purpose of their life. It also gives you insights about the missing piece/peace in their lives. As they say, that when you engage yourself in what you love to do, that activity becomes therapeutic in itself. Unfortunately, masses are not doing what they love to do or not functioning in alignment with their unique MNs and MIs. Hence, boredom (when capacity is high than the one required by an activity) and stress (when the capacity is low and demand in an activity is high) are so prevalent.

The MN Framework helps you align your studies, work/career, and hobbies with your unique configuration of MNs and MIs so you are in the flow.

Who can take the MNTEST?

MNTEST can be taken by students from age 13-21 to decide which academic studies will best suit them and also determine their career level /type of job after graduation. For professional above 21 to any age, MNTEST can be used to identify suitable hobbies and tasks in personal and professional lives whether you are an employee or entrepreneur or freelancer.

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