Why Heart-Focused-Meditation helps you heal

Do you often feel a victim of rejection? Is your voice unheard?

For example, when something goes unexpected in a conversation with partner, children or co-workers, do you feel angry or sad? And wish it had not gone bad?

You are not alone! 

Bad news is we carry many unhealed traumas of rejection. Unless healed, they eat out your brain for no good. Negative emotions drain your energy, create health problems, affect work performance, sexuality and sleep.

Good news is you can EMPOWER yourself in 15 minutes through this 4 step heart meditation.

Step 1. Sit silently. Close your eyes. Recollect the problematic situation (person and associated emotions) in your mind for 2-3 minutes. Be mindful of series of images, thoughts and feelings rushing in your head.

Step 2. Once you have recollected the problematic situation, bring your focus on your heart on left side. Now take slow and deep breathing through your heart for 5 minutes. Feel as if the breath is flowing in and out from your heart, rather than from nostrils. Thus, you are energizing  your heart.

Step 3. Now lock-in your focus on your heart for next 5-10 minutes. This 10 minutes is a date with your own heart. You and heart! Nothing else. In this step, observe heart beat, its sensation/pulsation. or simple focus on heart area will do. 100% of your mental energies are focused on heart.

Step 4. After this 15 minutes process, slowly open your eyes and keep your heart in your awareness for awhile.

That’s it!

Most people end up feeling calm, relaxed and smiling by the end of this meditation. They feel empowered, proactive and want to make a new positive dialogue with other from a space of love, reconciliation, and forgiveness.

Repeat this meditation twice a day and watch how much easier your relationship with others become.

Empower yourself even more!

Are you ready to transform your life now by healing other negative emotions like anxiety, phobia, low self-esteem or stress? YOUR DESERVE PEACE!

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Let’s fuel your mind, body and soul now!

About  me

I am a certified counselor and mindfulness trainer. I received my training from PSYCH-K International Center and Vipassana International Academy. I studied variety of self development and spiritual books. Drawing on this knowledge, I shall help you heal negative emotions blocking you from becoming the better version of yourself.

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