Lockdown induced stress and how to spend this self-isolation time creatively

While mind is conditioned to constantly mobilize either through thinking or taking actions, many people find it boring and exhausting experience to staying still at homes during current national and global lockdown.

Matter of fact is that life doesn’t always remain linear, current situation is an evidence. It is a major event of mini struggles we face in day to day life.

Lockdown is, however, an opportunity to meditate, grow, shed off old skin and revive your consciousness to its default state of peace. So that not we can thrive during this lockdown period alone, we can also prepare ourselves to maturely cope up with other life situations such as relationships, health and work related stress in times to come post lockdown.

There are simple ways to spend this time more creatively and to make yourself a better person than you were before lockdown. It is not mandatory that you learn to meditate. If you do, that’s an adds on.

Since everybody is designed in a unique way, some of us are naturally driven to art such as poetry, music, writing and painting. Others love cooking, writing, meditation, research. Find out what your brain is wired to. Perhaps, you can look back in your childhood and see what intrigued and nurtured your heart. If you loved drawing but could not pursued this as your main part of work due to social bondage and commitments, its high time to dive into this again to recollect and rejuvenate your lost self.

In other words, there are always one or more extracurricular things one actually loves to do without seeing future or aftermath of it, and that we feel home with. Take time and find out ones for your unique self!

If you love meditation, its best opportunity to spend most of the time with yourself since now you have no excuse of being occupied in worldly drama. You can practice silence meditation, heart meditation, breathing, yoga, or simple spending more time with trees or practice your own meditation.

Timeless ancient wisdom reasserts itself that self-isolation energizes and heals the wounded parts inside yourself just as earth is healing itself nowadays due to pure or least polluted air and oceans.

As you utilize this time in inner innovative ways, you can expect yourself to be more grounded, centered and calm. It is a message and opportunity from life as whole to align your behavior with laws of nature.

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