Tao & Zen: pathless paths to your ultimate freedom

Although Tao and Zen come from two different parts of world yet they carry the same music.

Tao is an ancient Chinese tradition founded by Lao Tzu while Zen is a juice of Buddhism originated in Japan. Both traditions deny all philosophies of the world. They are not interested in incorporating new metaphysical or esoteric knowledge in your head. They don’t have any teachings either. Sounds strange? Well, it does. And that’s what will intrigue you to dive into them.

Best part of Tao & Zen is they believe in direct experience or knowing, rather than intellectual understanding. A Zen or Taoist master is never interested in your questions and answers.

If you share with them that you have read Vedas, Dhammapada, Bible or other so-called spiritual books and that you have understood all concepts, they will simply remain silent or perhaps give a silly laughter.

They have been at your place in some point in their life. They know the uselessness of intellectual understanding. No matter how much you know, it has failed to quench your thirst. Now you need something else, something new that you have not touched previously.

That’s where Tao & Zen will enter into your bloodstream.

What is Satori?

A Japanese Zen word Satori’ which means sudden glimpse of enlightenment. They don’t believe in gradual enlightenment.

When you encounter a real Zen or Taoist master, their whole effort is to help you see; they point a finger to the moon. Depending on your receptiveness, putting aside all preconceived notions, you can suddenly have the eyes to see what they see.

Once you catch hold the music of universe, there is no looking back.

A single glimpse, a satori, will then slowly penetrate deeply in your whole being. It’s like a single ray of light has entered into the dark room of your being. It will wipe out all your conditioning, traumas, knowledge and eventually leave you in a space of wonder; of acceptance of what is.

You start seeing the blissful nature of life. You are fulfilled and whole now.

Welcome Home, my friend!

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